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Reflections of Emily Sue Allen

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One sibling photo a week throughout the year. 51/52

A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices…

The weary mama rejoices, even though sometimes rejoicing means closing the eyes and letting tears fall; a mix of happy and sad. A pause and a breath to hold in the lungs and the heart the beauty and the ache of this season, these days, this distance, this fullness. Some things are simple, but not easy at all. Some things are exquisitely beautiful, but are wrapped in unexpected packages. Some things challenge, but also inspire the heart to hunger still, to leap out of apathy into action, to persevere. Sometimes rejoicing looks a little more like whispering quiet-but-genuine thanks to God for all He has done in a full and wonderful year, holding us together–trading our anxiety for peace, our loneliness for love, and our heartaches for hope. ‘Tis the wonder of the upside-down way of Jesus.


“Lord, through all generations You have been our home! Before the mountains were born, before You gave birth to the earth and the world,
from beginning to end, You are God.” (Psalms 90:1-2)


Update on run/walk goal for week 51 (the goal is to complete at least 10 miles per week): 6 Run/Walk miles traveled, 595mi in 2015


1171. receiving lemon bars in the mail, 1172. dancing game and little dancers, 1173. cookie making and decorating, 1174. clearing out our whole sprinkle collection for said decorating, 1175. movie night with friends, 1176. bubble tea, 1177. incoming christmas cards from all over, 1178. kids at work spreading their christmas cheer, 1179. cleared out storage room & playroom, 1180. singing the kids to sleep in the dark, 1181. trust forged, 1182. smelly (the good kind of smelly) dish soaps from a friend, 1183. finished hawks ornaments, 1184. daytime naps for mama, 1185. star wars