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Celebrating Advent

You can pretend not to notice that I’m sharing this post one day before Thanksgiving, unless of course you are a fellow Christmas-lover who has also been indulging in Christmas music since the first of November (or before) like I have.

Last year, I embarked on the new adventure of intentionally planning out December’s Advent activities for our family. I made a calendar and a list of things we would do together to celebrate in a more thoughtful way than we had in the past, trading  out-of-control holiday shopping craziness for reflection, peace, and sweet memories made together. For me, this practice is about casting vision for an on-purpose approach to celebrating together that reflects our family priorities. It is not meant to be some impossible to-do list that (if not executed perfectly) means we have failed at what would be ‘ideal’ during the holidays.

Will we do everything on this list? Not a chance. Will we do most of them? Yes, whatever fits. It is really just a road map for me as I reach to make Christmas about reflection, generosity, and togetherness. If you are in search of a similar experience this Christmas, I invite you to borrow whatever you find helpful from this list. Most of all, I hope you’ll give thought to being intentional this December instead of getting lost in the sea of jingles, billboards, black friday deals, and all the rushing ’round.

One photo a week of our family throughout the year. 47/52

Advent 2014

december 1 – get christmas tree + decorate

december 2 – make jesse tree & ornaments together

december 3 – find new christmas music to enjoy

december 4 – read christmas books from the library

december 5 – visit nursing home & sing christmas carols

december 6 – go to a tree-lighting ceremony

december 7 – make & send christmas cards for grandparents

december 8 – make red & green play doh

december 9 – give away toys to make room for new ones

december 10 – send a family christmas card + mailed gifts out

december 11- deliver a care package to Seattle Children’s hospital

december 12 – holiday work party w/ daddy

december 13 – watch the nutcracker ballet

december 14 – family lego night + hot chocolate

december 15 – make paper snowflakes

december 16 – clean the house from top to bottom for holiday fun

december 17 – buy some canned foods + donate it

december 18 – make cookies together

december 19 – cookie decorating with friends + deliver some to the fire station

december 20 – sing christmas carols

december 21 – watch a christmas movie

december 22 – see the lights + hot chocolate

december 23 – review the jesse tree

december 24 – read the christmas story from luke

december 25 – open presents + make christmas day video


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“The Spirit of the LORD will rest on Him– the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of power, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD.” Isaiah 11:2

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