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Daddy Bear

Chatter from the back seat makes its way up to me and we all agree, he is totally a bear.

“Daddy is big and strong, and a bit hairy like a bear. His hugs are like bear hugs and when he pulls you in close, he’s like a warm cozy spot,” the girl says with a wrinkled nose and a bit of a smile.

“And sometimes he’s grumpy like a bear too,” says one of the boys, and we laugh because its true. Don’t we all have our grumpy bear days?

We talk about the reasons we love daddy. I think quiet in my heart, how love became real to me because of him, and how my life became full of goodness with him at my side, in large part because he has been at my side. He’s an understated fellow, leading our family with a steady, quiet love that gives beyond convenience and into the realm of extravagance.

He is the above-and-beyond dad that makes pancakes for hungry tummies while mama nurses the baby. The rough-and-tumble dad that makes sure everyone has all the wrestles and tickles they need to be sufficiently worn out for bedtime. He is the dad that says yes, when mama would totally say no, and I love him more for it (even if it annoys me a little at times).

He’s the dad that works all day (and then again late into the evening) but still takes time to connect with each of the kids individually to talk about the day’s adventures. He’s the dad who does whatever he can to help – laundry, cooking, cleaning – without complaining. He’s the dad who talks tough but melts into a puddle of goo when the baby starts cooing at him with her bright beaming smile.

He is the dad that celebrates everything, the big and the small, and delights in giving gifts for no reason, just to see their elated expressions. A tender-hearted, servant dad and husband who shows every one of us how special we are to him in his own unique ways, giving his great big bear hugs when we each need them most.

Honey, I am thankful for you not just today, but every day, for everything you do…the seen and the unseen. You’re one-of-a-kind and we love you very much. Happy Father’s Day!


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