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Hey friends. You may be tuning in for the weekly photo, but you’re going to find so much more in this post. I debated breaking things up into a few different entries, but the truth is, if I don’t share these all at once, the week will get away from me and it probably will not happen. So enjoy the randomness of this one. The one thread of continuity is that these were all taken during the same weekend…but that is about it!

We had Poppi & Nonni (grandparents) here for the weekend, which was a great time. The weekend started with soccer games for the older two. The pink child played goalie and had a great time of it. The blue child is sporting the temporary mohawk Nonni gave him & his brother the night before, and shows off the hole in his smile that marks the loss of his first tooth. Tooth number two came out a day later, but I don’t have a photo of that yet.

Here is Nonni and Poppi with the kiddos. Serious/normal, followed by the obligatory silly photo. We had so much fun with them this weekend!

As for me, I said goodbye to about 8-9 inches of my hair. It was time for a substantial cut. The black and white photos come to you via mirror magic in the bathroom. In the family photo below, you can see it is significantly shorter.

One photo a week of our family throughout the year. 23/52

This dude has been all about worms lately. He names each one he finds. This one was ‘Wormy’, but we’ve had others named ‘Fluffy’ and ‘Emmett’ (Lego Movie). Wrinkled hands courtesy of a fun afternoon at the spray park.

Here is a slightly grumpy face from the littlest miss. Followed by a really excited face from the one who was participating in the spray park fun for the first time.

This chickadee has been getting more goofy by the minute. We did some photos of ourselves at the spray park. It was supposed to be smiley photo followed by two silly ones….except she was ‘joking me’ and did a sweet face when I was doing a silly one. Sneaky child.  “I got you!” she said with her wrinkled nose and giggles.

She got her shiner by taking a tumble down a rocky two-step drop on the way to the car when we headed out to the spray park. Since then, she has been telling everyone that she bonked her face on the floor. Still the cutest face.

And this one was tuckered out after all the fun. As kissable as they come.


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