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Broken Arm

The little man broke his arm last week. It took some interrogation to get the whole story from the kids about how everything went down, but the injury happened after bedtime tuck-ins when, naturally, the three older kids decided to jump off the side of the low ikea loft bed to a twin mattress on the floor…in the dark. We have thus far avoided any broken bones in this house, so it’s been an adventure figuring out how to both treat the injury and make necessary adjustments to tasks that can’t be done in their usual way (like modifying car seat arrangements to help him buckle and switching up showering routines to accommodate the cast.)  There is a fair bit he can’t do on his own, so the others who participated in the dangerous deed that caused the injury have been experiencing the natural consequences of having to do his chores for him while he’s healing.

One photo a week of our family throughout the year. 19/52 

The photo from this week is all grumpiness, with the exception of the little lady in the front. Sometimes the grumps just have to oblige the mama, whether they like it or not. The highlight for me this week is the 14lb butterball. Wrist and ankle rolls are the best.

But back to the arm, our little dude has been a total champ about it. The morning after it happened, before the fracture was confirmed, we were driving on our way from the pediatrician to another place for x-rays and the whole way there, he was singing “Ho-ho-ho-Hosannah, Ha-ha-Halleluia, He-he-he-He saved me, I’ve got the joy of the Lord!” over and over. It was a sweet little thing that touched my heart in the midst of my mommy feelings that morning…hearing my son with such a joyful attitude while we were in the middle of seeking care for a semi-serious injury.

While I don’t expect there to be any issues with his recovery, we’d love your prayers for his arm to heal perfectly, and for all the kids to learn their lesson about late-night shenanigans so this story isn’t repeated in the future. The older two seem pretty sobered about it, so I’m hopeful it has taught them a little bit about why safety is important. Hope you enjoy the Buzz Lightyear Lego Robot creation and that big goofy grin.

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  1. Tanya

    Praise God that He protected little E from a more severe injury. And the life lessons that you are helping all the kids learn. You are a great momma, Emily. You are always looking for the bright spot. Has anyone ever called you a Pollyana? I admire you greatly for seeing God’s hand in all your family’s daily life. Hugs!


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