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Sunny Days and Soccer

I’ve had great intentions to write earlier this week. However, the sun has been out in Seattle, and the weather has been fantastic, so I have dropped everything to be out there in it with my kids. We’ve been to the park several times and I have a light sunburn to prove it. The house is a mess and we haven’t done much school, but we are all loving these warm days.

This week we decided to highlight the addition of soccer to our schedules for the season in our weekly photo. All three of the older kids are playing (don’t worry…action shots will come soon enough!) so here you see them in their soccer gear. Nevermind the mismatched clothes. I can’t care about everything. Plus, the free spirits like to announce their free-spiritedness in their clothing choices. I would think you could guess which two are the free spirits in this family? The kids have all been having a blast (well…little man starts in 2 weeks…but he’s ready!) and the oldest had so much fun the first few practices that we had to lay down some ground rules for her:

1) No dancing during practice. A serious problem. She gets so excited to be there she just dances all around like a silly person. And she is a silly person.

2) Chase after the ball. Due to said dancing and excitement, it has taken her a while to figure out she has to get after it if she wants to really play and learn. There haven’t been any games yet, but I’ll be interested to see if there is dancing then.

One photo a week of our family throughout the year. 17/52

This dude is all business. It occurred to me that I never did get around to mentioning on the blog that he turned 6 years old a little over 6 weeks ago. Happy belated birthday, son! We love you so much. Can’t wait to watch you kick butt on the soccer field.

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  1. Judy Genaway

    So good to hear from you …I’m traveling & your blog is comforting when I’m in a strange place ( currently in Ft Lauderdale traveling Home ( NY) from LA… Picked up my car. Blessings to you. Judy


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