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She turned two last week. I barely had a minute to think about it, but a week later, the reality is sinking in that my baby is not the baby anymore. She is a spunky and sweet sassy pants. I suppose you have to develop a unique set of survival skills when you’re the fourth-born, and in this case, sassy is at the top.

I’ve shared a very close connection with her since she was born, more than my other babies. That’s not to say she’s the favorite, because I don’t have one of those (or I guess I do, but it changes and depends on when you ask me and who has been the best listener that day…just kidding), but we do have a bond that is different.  Special. She’s an explosive bundle of love and tenderness, and has pressed into my bones the grace of God. Before her, I would say I knew about God’s grace for me in a more intellectual way, but now it is palpable. Real to me. Something I’m reminded of every time she throws her arms around my neck and demands a squeeze with her squeaky little voice.

“HUG ME!” she’ll say. It’s not a request. And let me say, they are some fierce hugs.

Some tidbits about her that I love:

She chooses books over every other toy or activity option. If no one will read to her on the spot, she will sit by herself and study the pages one by one for an extraordinarily long time.

She is currently obsessed with Frozen, the movie, and sings “Let It Go” in broken toddler-speak, but with all the commitment and drama of a real broadway star. It’s hilarious.

We have a home office where Daddy is set up to get work done whenever he has a work-from-home day. We have to keep the door shut so that his business calls are not interrupted, but if he’s been in there too long, she gets a bee in her bonnet about getting to Daddy. Remember, he is ‘in’ the office, but she’ll pound on his door over and over and yell, “Let me out! LET ME OUT!!” It’s especially funny when he’s actually on a phone call.

She’s a sweet girl, and I’m thankful every day that I get to be her mama. Happy Birthday, little one. May you always be as exuberant and full of life as you are now.

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