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Small, Steady Steps

I’m learning how to take small, steady steps. To just do what needs to be done without stopping to agonize over how much I don’t want to do it. To ‘get my big-girl pants on’ and quit making excuses. That expression makes me laugh, but doesn’t that describe it well?

I’m in a season of some unexpected twists that have me tackling some things I didn’t really see coming. I’m doing fine. There is no crisis. But I am realizing that with my current responsibilities, I really can’t think about anything other than what it is that I need to do today, in real time, to hold our little world together. To keep things steadily moving forward. To nourish, guide, clothe, and encourage to the best of my ability…to keep in focus the foundational things that make a family strong, even when some of us have special challenges before us.

Taken with a self-timer on a tripod. One photo a week of our family throughout the year. 2/52. Superman breathing in the goodness of life.

God’s grace is near, strengthening me for the tasks before me, and filling me with quiet confidence that He truly is with me while I journey. I’ve always been one to look ahead, to take a leaping start and charge forth in conquest, but this season is not at all about that. It is about small, steady steps, and surrender to God’s plans for me even when I don’t understand them or find them convenient. Pause to hear His voice, and try to respond with a willing heart, no matter the task.

Not to say that its easy, because it’s certainly not at times. I feel more tender than usual, and long for a time to come that I can take flight on an easy breeze that soothes while I soar the skies, but until then, I will make my peace with being in the low, hidden place, aware of my deep and desperate need for God’s care.

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  1. Trina

    I’m always in awe of you – Superman’s momma! I read your posts and while we live different parallels of life, wish I had the faith and peace that you do. I for one, am glad God chose you to be Kolby’s wife, mother of his children and grace our family with such a wonderful person.
    Believe it or not! I pray, without cease for issues in my life, and for my family. I love the smile I actually feel when the (almost) 7 of you enter into each prayer.
    With that, I send an Aunt’s love.

  2. Shane Van Winkle

    Dear Emily, you have a beautiful family! Moms are the hardest working people on the planet…they dont have the luxury of a time card or quitting time. My heart goes out to you with my prayers for strength and guidance. I should just quietly adopt you as another daughter in my heart so I can be thinking about you and Colby. My friend in a wheel chair once told me the journey we ask for is not always the one get. I understand from his prospective what it means. Deanna and I will pray for your family and you especially for Gods grace and strength. Your job is very demanding…being MOM…! I have great RESPECT for you dear. Love Shane and Deanna

  3. Jan Coleman

    LOVE the idea of a photo a week of the family. It’s getting harder and harder for us to get it once a year now… kids grow up and leave home! Can never have too many photos (that’s my belief anyway). Anyway, love the photo and superman has the right idea.


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