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She is a lovely woman. You can see, even from this profile shot from a few years ago, how warm her face is. Her arms are every bit as warm, and her love for her kids – the biological children and grandchildren, and all the kids she has welcomed into her home over the years – is something that sticks close in the heart. I am one of those kids, even though some years have passed since I’ve been in close contact. Holly’s home was a haven for me in my teen years, and her family has been a huge blessing in my life. Holly herself has hugged me, listened to my heartaches, encouraged me, and is someone who ranks up there in my list of beautiful servant hearts that inspire me to pursue quietness and selflessness in my life, merely by her example.


Holly is fighting for her life with her children around her this very minute. She has had a brain aneurysm, is not responsive, and doctors are saying she will not make it through. This is a tragic prognosis, and is being felt hard by everyone around her. Completely unexpected, and far too soon to see her slipping away.

I’m clinging to hope for an unexplainable miracle. For restoration and a chance to spend years ahead watching her beloved grand-babies grow. If you would, please join me in prayer for her to be made well in spite of the odds, for her family’s needs to be met in full, and for the Lord to be near to all of them as they navigate this uncertain and troubling time.

Holly – I love you, and we’re not giving up. You are a vision of beauty and grace, and I am thankful beyond words for all the love you have given me.

***UPDATE: I have received word that Holly has passed away. I am very sad, as are all the friends and family she leaves behind. Please feel free to leave memories or prayers for the family in the comment section and I will be sure to share with them at an appropriate time. Blessings to all. We miss you already, Holly.

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  1. Cindy Anderson

    Holly, no one is ready for you to go as you’ve always been the bright light of love, encouragement and laughter. My heart is breaking at the very thought that you may not make it. I’m questioning God “why?” of all people, not you! It’s too sudden, your grandbabies are so young, they need to experience your warmth, your love, your gentle spirit and giving heart. My heart is breaking right now as I recall all we’ve been through, our friendship over the years; reconnecting here a few years ago and it was as if no time had lapsed…. Oh, my sweet friend, if it is your time to move on to Heaven, I pray for your sweet spirit to remain alive and to be a spring of comfort for your family as they grow and experience life without you by their side. But I know that you have imparted such love, integrity and selflessness in your children…..they embody the very essence of who you raised them to be! Your son, Caleb, said to me tonight that you are the most selfless mother and woman he’s ever known…. you are my friend the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known and I feel so very honored to have been able to call you my friend. I love you Holly and will forever cherish our friendship.

  2. Gina Morales

    Holly, I don’t know you….but will pray for you….and know that with God’s loving touch a miracle can happen for you. Wake to feel his loving arms embrace you as you have done for so many. His work for you can not be done yet. Amen….Bless you and your family.

  3. Ponda Maden

    My heart is breaking for you and your family. I have only recently met you and Andy. You shined when you talked about your family and how much they mean to you. I pray God’s healing over you:

    Dear Heavenly Father, Please hold Holly’s heart within yours, and renew her mind and body. You Lord are the greatest physician. You heal, You protect, You care, You love, You are kind, You are patient, You are thoughtful, You are strength. Please let Holly and her family feel comfort in your presence. In Jesus name, Amen

    Blessings over all of you!!! Love and Prayers,

    The Maden Family (Kevin, Ponda and Tanner)

  4. Tracy

    I have known Holly for many years. She was a very beautiful woman from the inside out. I am so shocked to hear that this has happened.
    I have many people wanting to help the family in any way they can.
    Do you happen to have contact information for who would be the best person to contact for that kind of thing?

  5. Dana Prince

    I am one of those welcomed into her family when I was a kid. Holly loved me and my siblings and family and we loved her and her babies. He laughter was contagious, her hugs were huge, and her home and heart were never too full to include more. She has been such an example of Christ and a delight to know. Our hearts hurt for our loss but rejoice for heavens gain!

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