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The leaves are turning and with the season’s change, I’ve decided to embark on a personal writing challenge that I hope will help bring my lost words out of hiding. For years I have wanted to write. And I suppose I have written a little bit here and there. Bits and pieces of my little life for blogging, but at the prospect of writing more purposefully, more extensively about the things that hide away in my heart, I have started, stopped, and frozen up more times than I can count. I’m not sure why now seems like the right time to dig in with more gusto, but I’m at a place of peace, relative calm, and I feel drawn to start in to a more involved writing journey than I have engaged in the past.

I wonder if you’ll join me on the journey? I will not be sharing complete free-writes for the duration of my challenge, only because I think it will make me freeze up again, but I may share excerpts from time to time here on the blog, and will probably proceed with sharing some of the other posts I’ve already been working on. What would be superbly helpful for me is for those who care, to check in with me periodically between now and December 1st to see how it is going, to encourage me in the little ways you can, and to pray for big victories in this area. My goal is to write 60,000 words between today (yes, I started!) and December 1st…and hopefully at least some of those words will be deeply real, worthwhile, and something more substantial than the “I don’t know what to write today” fluff. I’m totally going to need the encouragement and accountability! Also, I’m all ears for tips, writing prompts, and subjects to write about for the days I don’t have a springboard to leap off of. I will be writing creative non-fiction, and mostly about my life, experience, journey with God, motherhood, etc. Thanks in advance for your support.

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