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Little One

I’m overwhelmed by the goodness in my life, and the joy that is my sweet family. Just look at these faces. My heart in a picture, absolutely bursting. I snapped this photo the night before our ultrasound, my crazy crew with a question mark, “Who is this little person that will be joining our family?”

Last week we learned our coming baby is of the girl variety. I knew in my heart that it was, and while I do admit to doubting a smidge the week leading up to the appointment, I still somehow knew. Friends know I’m a name fanatic, and love researching names, their meanings, and I have kept lists of names I love for years. Occasionally I curate lists of names for friends who have asked me to. Fanatic. No exaggeration.

Names mean so much. They are something that stay with you for your whole life (whether or not people call you by it) through every stage and season. My name means “Diligent, or Industrious One.” When I was younger, I didn’t love the meaning of my name. It wasn’t especially flowery or beautiful. It seemed so practical and boring, and I think I was afraid of claiming it for fear that I would always be nothing but practical and boring. In more recent years, I’ve grown to see the truth of those traits in my life, and self-identify with the blessing found in a diligent life even if it is not glamorous to others.

Anyway, I chose my favorite names for a boy or a girl when I was about 5 weeks pregnant. My awesome husband nearly always likes my name choices, so there was little resistance there. A+ for husband. The name I chose for a girl included the meanings “Life of Joy” and “God has favored me.” I truly see this life I live as a mama as one completely full of joy, and the blessings God continues to bring to me as generous and undeserved on my part. The name just seemed so fitting. Sometime around 12 weeks, a friend (who knew nothing of my chosen names) was praying with me for my coming babe and made a prophetic declaration that this child would have an anointing to call life out of others in barren seasons and bring joy to many. It resonated through me like nothing else I’ve ever experienced, largely because of the names we had already settled on. And for the next several weeks, I sat with this secret knowing but not knowing that the little one inside is a girl, now confirmed by ultrasound.

I am so thankful, and so excited for this new little love to join us…at the right time, of course. I’m certain it will be a challenge to adjust to five children, but I’ve never been so eager to accept a mission as this.

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