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A Teachable Heart

If there is one thing that inspires me, it is a teachable heart. Someone who truly listens in conversations and searches high and low for truth and wisdom, wherever they may be found. We all have our biases and opinions, but the teachable heart is able to put them aside and consider new ideas – even ones that might offend one’s own pride or challenge a deeply-held belief about something. Humility is the hallmark of a teachable heart…and humility is one of those funny things that eludes us when we chase it too hard. Not a prize to be held, but a Holy Spirit energy that transforms us from the inside out if we allow it.


I have this friend who is a constant blessing to me. She happens to have the most teachable heart I know, even though she would be the first to disagree with me about that. I do know many others with hearts of gold (I’m very blessed in the friendship department), but this one friend is someone who repeatedly illuminates for me the glories of a soft and moldable heart…truthfully because she has one that I am privileged to see in a very personal way. She’s not perfect. None of us are. But over and over, she has faced her darkest demons with courage and reached her hands out for truth and lasting hope….Taking hold of it at the cost of the appearance of strength, but gaining much more than anything inauthenticity can provide. So many of us want to hide from what hurts and troubles. I do at times. But she moves the other direction…forward in spite of fear, to her knees when trouble comes, reaching out to love even when hurt hangs close. I’ve learned so much just by journeying with her and having a front row seat to the work God does in her life.

“Heed counsel, and act on instruction and at the end you will be counted among the wise.” Prov. 19:20

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