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The Beautiful Moments

The beautiful moments are ones that stop you. Stop you from shaking just long enough to breathe it in. Stop you from choking out tears because you’re laughing instead. Beauty you see clear even when everything else, all around, is blurry and bleak. Moments that give wings to your heart when it’s heavy and throbbing, even if only for a moment. They stand in the soul under the waterfalls of tears and uncertainties, and are not lost, though the water beats down.

I’ve journeyed with a few cancer mamas in recent years. I guess I’m drawn to the place of desperation for cures and answers and brighter tomorrows…to see how they walk beside their children who experience things no one should ever have to. And I am amazed. I’m completely inspired by the depth, strength, and beauty I find in these women. Walking by faith every day because they have no other choice, and yet, walking so gracefully while doing the hard things they must in order to give their children the best shot they’ve got at a healthy life. Love tested, and found true as can be.

I wish and pray and plead with God for cancer to take a hike and suffering for these children to end, but I know that for many, that doesn’t happen. It hurts my heart, and I’m not even the one there staring it in the face every day. I’m thankful for the beautiful moments in the in-between…for the opportunity to capture one sunny afternoon with friends in the park so I can be reminded how important it is to stop. To laugh and pick flowers in the grass. To hug close and whisper strength to little ears.

So I pray for God to come near. To heal and to do the improbable, impossible things that defy all medical explanation. To restore health and to bring the future and hope that He has promised. And I pray also for a hundred million more beautiful moments over decades of beautiful years together for this particular family and this special boy.


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