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Prayer Towels

I am aware that what I’m about to share is 100% dweeby. No matter. Sometimes the little things really help, and I’m going to tell you the story of how these towels came to be.

The green one belongs to a friend who has become an unexpected and very meaningful part of my life while we journey through very different seasons. She left this towel at my house after one of our long, extravagant bulk cooking days (making 40+ meals for the freezer in one day)…probably a year and a half ago. I meant to give it back to her and have had several opportunities to do so, but it stays in my kitchen, and goes through my laundry cycle weekly. This friend has been going through a heartbreaking journey of infertility for the past several years, and while she trusts God with her desires and future, she also aches deep to be a mother. Every time I see this towel, I think about her and say a prayer for God to intervene and bring life to her womb and fruitfulness to her life beyond all that she can ask or imagine. Now that this has become routine for me, (with her blessing) I have decided not to give it back…not until the hopes of her heart are fulfilled. It helps me persevere in prayer and brings perspective to my harder days as a mother. I use it to wipe up spills and messes from my little bunch, and I hope that one day the same towel can do the same for hers.

The white one belongs to another friend who stayed with me for a few days and accidentally left it behind. At first I laughed to myself about the fact that I unintentionally keep collecting the linens of dear friends, but after I thought about it a minute, I thought, maybe God is providing simple ways for me to be reminded of His goodness to me…reminders to give thanks for what He gives and to celebrate the special people He puts in my life to hold me up, help me grow, and make the hard things in life a little bit easier through friendship. I pray for her and her family often as well…whenever this washcloth appears, at minimum.

It is silly, I know. But sometimes silly is just the right thing. And if you need an ongoing stream of prayer for the issues and heartaches in your life, apparently all you need to do is drop of a dish towel or wash cloth at my house.


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  1. Sarah A.

    I love you so much Em! I’m thankful that I left that towel at your house and am forever touched by the love and prayer you pour into my life. We are on this journey together and God knew I needed you!


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