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This Girl I Know

I have to tell you about this really terrific girl I know. She’s a dear, sweet friend, and we’ve formed a bit of an unexpected friendship while we travel through two very different seasons of our lives…me with my four kids in ‘momland’ and her, living with a great big longing in her heart to be a mama but with no children yet. She loves children, and even though it has not been easy, she has not let her infertility journey rob her of the joy that other people’s children bring to her. Instead of pulling away, she has even pressed further into our sweet friendship as the months have passed and she remains waiting, which has humbled and blessed me in unspeakable ways. Basically, I just want to say in a really public way that Sarah rocks. And not just in the “Sarah is cool” sort of way (but yes, she is very cool)…she rocks my world with her courage, joy, servant-heart, and surrender to God’s plan for her life even though the plan has thus far not seemed to align with her deep longing for a child.

The reason I bring all of this up is that Sarah has also started a new blog and I wanted to share it with ya’ll. She shares about her creative projects, favorite recipes, and her infertility journey. I’m encouraged by her and inspired by her strength and would love for you to check it out if you feel so inclined. Presenting: The Little Dove.

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  1. Sarah A.

    Thanks so much for this post and your encouragement with my blog! There would be no blog if it wasn’t for you and your husband. For anyone reading this comment, Emily is amazing, totally the real deal and just as awesome as her blog makes her seem. I’m forever greatful for her friendship…


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