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Hello. It’s been a while. I had a few days of introverted quietness last week, followed by a few truly horrible days of illness related to nursing a baby (isolated to mama, right over Mother’s Day). I’ll spare you the details unless you really want them. So no blogging for a long stretch. It’s good to be reminded that I must always hold my plans loosely because things often (or almost always) go differently than I think they will. But I’m back. I think. And I hope to be illness-free for a long time.


For your amusement, I’ll share these old photos I found on my phone from sometime during the rainy season when all we had to do for fun was stay inside and find dorky ways to busy ourselves. It was probably early November last year, just before A got her glasses (notice the crazy eyes in the last photo?) Yes, we’re totally a walking advertisement for the Dark Knight movie my children have never seen.


This all started when J made the first face and laid out his own clothes to make the body of the “train track man”. Not sure how that bit of creativity escalated into this. I think we’re just trying to do our part to contribute  to the stereotype that homeschoolers are weird. We are and we love it! I hope you laugh out loud, because I did! What a bunch of sillies.



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