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A is now reading with ease and gobbling up books. It has been interesting as we are out and about (especially driving) now that she can read billboards and advertisements. Lots of funny thoughts and questions. All. The. Time. The kid never stops talking. We’ve even asked her if she’s a chatty Kathy, but she says, “Of course not. I’m a chatty A!” Little M shows more interest in books at 1 year than any of the others did, and I think that may be due to the fact that the big sis has started reading to her. It is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.

For those who haven’t been around us to hear for themselves, M also has her own little voice. She has a signature sound that is something like a squeaky ‘huh?’ ‘what?’ or ‘uh?’ and we all get a giggle out of asking her leading questions to which the answer is always ‘huh?’

Here you see the big brother squeezing in to see as well. Love a good kid-pile on the couch.


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  1. Judith A. Genaway

    Hi Emily,
    It’s so great to see your BIG kids! I remember them much smaller….and of course, I’ve never met your littlest TWO I think. But A is a lovely young girl….and great leader of the pack.

    I too was a ‘book guzzler’ as a child…read everything I could get my hands on….including cereal boxes!

    Great blog….thankyou.


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