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Birthday Party for a Creative Child

Daddy bought her flowers for her birthday. She turned 8 last week. Oh man. That is just weird. I think it was about 3 blinks ago that she was a toddler, and here she is genuinely appreciating a bouquet of flowers with the best of ’em. She’s the kind that savors life….breathes it in, pours stuff out so she can really see it all, touches everything, and lives with perpetual enthusiasm.

She has taken to wearing a pink feather in her hair. It was originally held in her hair by a crimp bead, but after we took it out to tame the nest around it, she tied the feather onto a headband and there it stays. You would never know that the flower photos and the cake/party photos were taken days apart from each other because that headband stays on all the time.

We always do more understated birthday celebrations. For me, it is more important to give the kids a fun/meaningful experience and time together with a few loved friends than to have a zillion presents come into the house and a million friends that you barely get to say hello to before the party is over. This year, for this creative one we did a small home project/craft party, at the birthday girl’s request.

She decorated the house on her own with pink zebra striped streamers and a roll of packing tape (not pictured). Awesome.

For the cake, she wanted to make a cake from scratch and decorate it herself. I wasn’t feeling up to the from scratch part of that equation, so we compromised and got a white cake from Costco and some supplies for her to add her own flair to the decor. She had a fantastic time coloring up that thing.

One photo a week of our family throughout the year. 29/52

For the party projects, we did fuse bead creations (not pictured) and some simple appliqué on pre-made canvas bags. As is normal with our parties, the main activities were also the party favors! I’m not much for trinkets, so I always gravitate toward favors that can be useful or longer-lasting. The girls all seemed to love being able to create their own personalized totes. I just raided my fabric remnants and pre-ironed the fabric adhesive on the back before they cut out their shapes.

It was a simple but sweet affair for my sweet girl. Fun way to celebrate 8!

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1 Comment Birthday Party for a Creative Child

  1. Judith A. Genaway

    Hi Emily and all…
    What a neat post! Love to hear all about it. Your ideas are so creative. I love the idea that she could decorate her own BIRTHDAY cake, and she did a beautiful job. The feather is zany and fun.

    Your family picture is just perfect…I look forward to it every week…thanks for the glimpse!

    Your faraway friend in the EAST….Judy 🙂 🙂


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