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Spent the holiday with dear, old friends and had a splendid time of it.  They have a sweet backyard that they tricked out for maximum fun, especially for the kiddos. It was so fun (and there was so much food) we decided to party two days in a row. They put together a teepee, a lawn-sized ball game (I forget the name at the moment), and some water activities. There was some bug-hunting going on, marionberry picking (and eating, of course), s’mores, sparklers, and lots of laughter. The best kind of holiday. And let me just say – to have someone else put effort into making a wonderful experience for my kids – seriously the biggest blessing.

One photo a week of our family throughout the year. 27/52

This game was the highlight for the 2 year old. She laughed hysterically every time the balls fell down. It was awesome!

This was the totally relaxing scene where we ate and talked together. Couldn’t have been more relaxing.

I’ve known these two for many, many moons. Long before love and marriage and babies and stuff. Good memories from then and now. And would you know it, TODAY is their 7th wedding anniversary. Love has truly multiplied. Happy Anniversary, friends!

And this cake? So yum.

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