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There is a lot I’ve wanted to write in the past few weeks, but the time to do it hasn’t magically appeared. Short and sweet will have to do for now. Far-away family wants to see the newest little miss (pictured in this post at 7 weeks old). I took these photos Easter morning while visiting family (more on the trip and Easter festivities later this week…I hope) and this first photo grabs me. Does it not look like she is dancing? Sigh. What a sweet love. You will notice we’re chubbing up nicely. I love baby chubs.

This week’s family photo was taken at high noon in Grandma & Grandpa’s backyard with this exquisite dogwood tree. I’ve decided that I find great joy in flowering trees. Mesmerizing. I also find great joy at Grandma & Grandpa Mac’s home in general. Such amazing people. More on our Easter adventures soon. Love to all.

One photo a week of our family throughout the year. 16/52

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  1. Tanya

    my favorite family photo of you all yet! the stance of each of the kids shows their personality. You are your husband look so patient and loving and comfortable with everything going on. the pink of the flowers matches Aliana’s top and your hubby’s shirt and so many other little colors in clothing!

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