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Simple DIY Baby Blanket

Spent the morning making this little beauty for the little one that is waiting to join our family in a few weeks. I have made these blankets for each of the kids, and for several friends over the years. What I love about them is they are the perfect size for swaddling baby, especially between 1-3 months old. They are admittedly a little on the large side for newborns, but that stretch of time is so short, and I love that these are useful beyond the first weeks. I find they are also large enough to stand in for a nursing cover if there isn’t one handy. After the swaddling stage, they also make great tummy-time blankets.

Another reason I love these is they are super easy to make. I am really only at a beginning/intermediate level of sewing, and I find that I get bored easily with projects that take too much time without the gratification of a finished product. Just being honest! So if you’re interested in making one yourself (they make great gifts for friends!) I put together a little tutorial to help.

First, choose 2 fabrics that complement each other. You’ll want 1 & 1/3 yard of each print/color, and I have only made these with snuggle or quilting flannel from Joann Fabrics. I have made it with just 1 yard previously, and find the blankets turn out just a bit too small to be useful to me. Before starting, I square up the two pieces of fabric by folding them in a triangle and cutting (or tearing) the edges to match, then pin the edges every 6-10 inches or so to keep them aligned, with the ‘right sides’ turned in to each other.

Then I stitch down all four sides about 5/8″ from the edge, except for a 6 inch bit on one side that needs to remain open so you can turn it right side out for the next steps. I do not measure the distance to the edge, but try to keep a straight/even stitch all the way around. Then, through the opening left at the end, I turn the whole blanket right side out and flatten out the corners and edges, using an iron to press them down.

I do typically follow the ironing with a few pins around to keep the pieces in good position for the next stitches. First, I stitch down as close to the edge as I can (1/2″ or less), starting with the 6″ portion that I turned the blanket through with. If you fold the edges in to the right place and pin them, they stitch together nicely.

After sewing the 1/2″ all the way around, I like to make a second stitch about an inch toward the middle from the original stitch, just to help the edges lay a little flatter and to add a little touch to the final result. And that about does it! It takes a little less than an hour to make from start to finish, most of the time going into the prep, pinning, turning, pressing…the sewing itself is pretty easy! Straight lines all the way.

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  1. Sydney

    We have 2 of these that a much loved teacher made for us, we use them (mostly on the floor for play) all the time 🙂

    I really like your wider double stitching – I’ve done double stitching, but usually only like 1/4in away from the first line.


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